Enhance Your Restaurant’s Efficiency with Advanced Integrated System
Easily manage your restaurant, boost sales, and optimize customer service with TableLink.
TableLink comes with AI technology
AI-powered systems are transforming retail environments into personalized customer experiences where transactions are opportunities for engagement. By utilizing machine learning algorithms, these systems analyze consumer behavior, optimize inventory, and improve operational efficiency, creating a dynamic and customer-centric.
Our Products
Mobile Order Technology
Mobile order technology is revolutionizing how businesses interact with their customers, providing convenience, personalization, and efficiency.
Manage your reservations with ease. Modify existing bookings, view your reservation history, and receive confirmation - all within our system.
Point of Sale
Manage everything in one place. Our POS system handles transactions, inventory, and customer information seamlessly.
Fast. Efficient. Powerful. Your all-in-one POS solution.
We understand every business is unique. Don't worry, our POS is flexible without limits. It seamlessly integrates with various payment methods, and loyalty programs, ensuring you can accept payments conveniently, reward your loyal customers, and streamline online sales, all within one central system.
Loyalty Programs
Modify Table
Split Bill
Menu Customization Options
Smart Reservations, Seamless Experiences.
Revolutionize the way you manage reservations with our innovative RSVP system. This powerful tool provides a win-win situation for both businesses and guests. Businesses gain a streamlined reservation process, improved operational efficiency, and valuable customer data. Guests enjoy effortless booking, reduced wait times, and a more organized experience. This fosters a strong foundation for building positive customer relationships and enhancing overall satisfaction.
Real-time Reservation Timeline
Waitlist Management
Guest Spending Potential
Event Management
Quick Orders, Quality Service
Our innovative Mobile Order Technology (MOT) service goes beyond simple order processing. It acts as a powerful bridge, fostering a deeper understanding of your customers. By analyzing their order behavior, you gain invaluable insights into their preferences, dietary restrictions, and even ordering habits at different times of the day. With MOT, you move beyond transactions and truly connect with your customers, creating a more engaging and ultimately, more successful dining experience for everyone.
Customer Preferences
Personalized Recommendations
Combo Deals and Upselles
Items Specification
From sales to reservations, our solutions streamline your operations.
Simplify your business operations and elevate the customer experience with our all-in-one solution: a seamless integration of reservation, POS, and MOT. Streamline your workflow with effortless reservation management, ensure efficient order processing and payments with our POS system, and empower your customers with the convenience of mobile ordering.
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